Date of Establishment: 1977

Manufacturing Subject: Silk Fabric and Fancy Fabric Weaving

The Field that the Products Used: Household Linens, Drapery Fabric, Furnishing Fabric, Dyed Fabric, Turkish Ware and Machine Embroidery Fabric. Beginning with handloom textile by father in 1956, passing through many stages the byproduct made of fancy and local products has been adopted and appreciated by the customers with a great acclaim.
Father HALİL BAYINDIR who is not living at the moment, taking over the textile from his father, engaging in textile in Birgi Town for 67 years has handed down all of the details and secrets of his occupation to his son EYÜP BAYINDIR. The owner of the enterprise at the moment keeps on passing down this experiences and knowledge he got from his father to the third generation.As cocoon, silk and textile has been common in Birgi Town which has been established in 1300 BC,it is estimated that it has began from Birgi Town 1500 years ago. According to the accounts of father HALİL BAYINDIR, there were 3200 items textile handlooms in 1940s around Birgi/ÖDEMİŞ district however there are scarcely any nowadays.
These are principally produces and used: oil gland (silk handkerchief), waistcloth, fine shirting material, gossamer, girdle, traditional head and band, sanity cloth and voile. The raw materials used for these products are these: pure silk yarn, linen, coton, viscose, rayon and different fancy yarns.

Since modern textile technology has replaced hand textile in today’s textile some old textiles has inclined to extinct. Within our corporation it is possible to mix old and new, old textile is produced and protected by our corporation remaining loyal to their natural texture. There advantages of production with new technology. It is possible to realize mass-production, to catch new designs and patterns and to obtain flawless product.

Our current product range

1. Ödemiş Silk being 100% pure, being produced from 10cm. width to 3m. Width, in Turkey is used by Techinical Schools (public education centers, girl occupational high schools, practical girs art schools, maturing, institute, private courses and dowry houses) in garments, Turkish ware, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, in batik dyeing, with brush. Silk organzine is also included here. Furthermore, in silk by products authentic garments and fabrics are produced of knout silk, pan bottom silk, crumb silk and dupion silk.
2. Batik dyeing is done on culturing the organzine fabric (voile) and products such as kerchief, collar kerchief, foulard, and scarf are presented to the consumer. Furthermore, many promotion products such as showcase suite, living-room suite, tablecloth, doily, showman table and lavender bags with logos exclusive to person made of Ödemiş Silk on which Turkish ware, hand embroidery, machine embroidery Maraş ware being done are presented to consumer.
This establishment which dates back on a past 150-200 years has been producing more quality, newer and beter products passing down its experiences to the following generations in order to contribute to our country. Keeping on this process is our sole goal.
With Our Best Wishes.

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